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Gx6605s hw203 f1 f2 software V 8153

Gx6605s hw203 f1 f2 software

National chip gx 6605s

Assalam o alaikum to all khan dish network viewers today i am sharing with you the national chip gx 6605s hw203.00 gx6605s hw203 f1 f2 softwares.

You might here about gx 6605s processor. Gx have different kind of procssor like gx gx1121 d, gx1503 b, gx3115, gx3113 c, gx3113 h, gx3201 h, gx3212, gx6101s, Gx6605s, Gx6622, gx6610, gx6611 and more…
But in this topic i will share with you gx6605s 4mb softwares of different hardware version like                
Hw203.00.001, Hw203.00.002, Hw203.00.003, Hw203.00.006, Hw203.00.008, Hw203.00.009, Hw203.00.010, HW203.00.011, Hw203.00.012, Hw203.00.013, Hw203.00.014, Hw203.00.015, Hw203.00.016, Hw203.00.017 HW203.00.018 Hw203.00.019, Hw203.00.020, Hw203.00.021, Hw203.00.022, Hw203.00.023, Hw203.00.024, Hw203.00.025, HW203.00.027, and many more
In pakistan these receivers known with the name of F1 f2 receivers “.

Mother board picture

Gx6605s hw203 f1 f2 software

Gx6605s s17030

You can create your own custom theme of these softwares for your gx 6605s receiver. I will share different themes of gx6605s in future inshaa allah most of theme khan dish netwrok creating himself except the company theme. If you are facing ” invalid file or occured error ”  During software upgrading process then no worries about it you can edit your file through hex workshop and fix the problem.
For more details about ” invalid file or occured error ”  Watch the video

Gx6605s hw203 f1 f2 softwares in starsat titan theme.Starsat Titan Gx6605s HW203.00.001

Starsat Titan Gx6605s HW203.00.001

Gx6605s Starsat Titan Menu V 8153

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