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OpenBox Genius Plus Sunplus 1506Lv 8mb SCB3 V 10.05.28


OpenBox Genius Plus 1506Lv /

Chipset, Sunplus 1506Lv 8mb/
Menu, SCB3 /
Sw Version, 10.05.28/
Server, Dscam, GODA /
Sharing Network, GPRS, 3g, wifi, USB Cable /
m3u file, Supported
IPTV, Extreme IPTV
Ecast Option, Enabled

Assalam O Alaikum KDN Viewers

Today I’m Going to Share With You another Software for The Sunplus Chipset Receiver.

1506lv 8mb logo


If You Wanna know More About Cccam Servers The Click Here.
And If You Wanna Know More About Dqcam, Dscam, etc Then Click Here




With the help of IMEI Option in Sunplus Softwares You Can Read Your Receiver IMEI Number. You Can Also Change Your Receiver IMEI Number With the Help of IMEI Option.


There’s Many TV Channels With the Dolby Audio. So You Will Need to Run these Channels Audio a ” Dolby Audio Supported ” Receiver. In other Case You can’t play the Sound of these Channels.




 Ecast Option : Enabled
Ecast Comes as an Extra Option In Sunplus Chipset Receivers Software.Ecast Will You help You to Display (Mirror) Your Android Phone Screen ” Media, Apps etc” On Your LED Tv. So You Can use this Amazing Mobile Screen Mirroring feature In Sunplus Receivers. 



  1. Abdullah bajwa says

    Bhai scb3 for 1506lv goda dscam 8188F

  2. Tapas says

    Solid 6141 pro ka openbox x24 new software update de do

  3. Naeem shah says

    Access control Sim hd receiver video skip problem

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