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What Is DSCAM, DQCAM, G-share, NaShare Pro, Forever, Scam+ etc?

I am gonna tell you what is DSCAM? what is DQCAM? what is a Gshare Server? what is Forever server? what is G-Share Plus? what is NaShare pro? and how can you use them?. You might have heard this while buying a new satellite receiver. “This receiver comes with a 1 year of DSCAM, DQCAM, G-share, NaShare Pro, Forever, G-Share Plus, etc server.

DSCAM, DQCAM, G-share, Nashare Pro, Forever, G-Share Plus

If you know about CCCAM, then DSCAM, DQCAM, NaShare Pro, G-Share Plus is easy for you to understand well, both things are the same. But Sunplus Chipset Receivers comes with a default server known as the above server names etc.

these particular servers are opening several SD and HD packages on different satellites for a specific time period. mostly these servers DSCAM, DQCAM, G-share, NaShare Pro, Forever, G-Share Plus are coming in Sunpls Processor based receivers like 1506g, 1506t, 1506tv, 1506lv, 2507, etc. 

these all servers are expiring after a specific period, but the good thing is that you can recharge them again by sending your receiver serial number to the code reseller.

What is a forever Server?

Forever server is also a Card Sharing server like the above servers I mentioned. but it is more stable and powerful than the above servers. and it is coming mostly in original digital and android receivers like Starsat receivers, Tiger receivers, Media star receivers, etc. it also coming free of cost for 12 months and in some case for 15 or 24 months too. after that you can recharge also the forever server.

How to Recharge forever Server?

As I mentioned above that in the case of expiration of the forever server, you can Recharge this easily by providing the reseller requirements, like Receiver serial number, etc. there is a lot of reseller in the market that aim to recharge the Forever server, but most of theme are scammers, so be aware of them. If you are going with my suggestions to Recharge your forever server, the Forever IPTV package, so I will suggest the SATUHD.COM website For Recharge of any kind of Server and IPTV Package.

How to Recharge DSCAM DQCAM Server G-Share Server?

Sunplus Chipset Receivers come for a specific time with DSCAM, DQCAM, G-share, NaShare Pro, Forever, G-Share Plus, etc server. If it ends then you can get it recharged. There are many sellers out there but be sure to choose the right. so my suggestions will go again for the SATUHD.COM to Recharge the Dqcam, Dscam, G-Share plus, etc, or any kind of IPTV Recharge. you can visit the site and check yourself.

What Is Scam Server?

Scam or Scam+ is also a Card Sharing Server for running the encrypted channels on multiple satellites. like 95e, 108e, 93e, some of the European sats also running with scam server. The scam server mostly comes in Gx and Montage Processor Receivers. Nowadays Hellobox receivers manufacturer company giving the Free Scam Software for One year for the Montage and Gx Base processor receivers. which you can install in other company boxes too, having the montage and Gx processor.

Hope you will understand the basic knowledge about the above servers I mentioned. stay safe, and keep remembering me in your prayers and stay with Khan Dish Network.

  1. Muhammad Tufail says

    NASHARE Pro ko kaha se recharges krwa skte hain?


    My receiver account is expired how would I renew it again

    1. Khan Dish Network
      Khan Dish Network says

      which server you have?

  3. dharm says

    Sir mai dscam kaha par recharge kar sakta hu? Mai india se hu.. online charge koi site?

    1. Khan Dish Network
      Khan Dish Network says

      Contact with my friend Azhar Ali +923025954189

  4. Boko says

    Je voulais être revendeur des comptes DQCAM en Afrique de l’ouest. Indiquez moi une site je vais contacter pour avoir les détails

    1. Sikandar says

      What is dscam pin code for activation? Neosati5000 pro max?

  5. Ali Raza Saeed says

    In May Goda Box Dscam not active option show ID is Not Support active with Code how I can solve this issue

    1. Khan Dish Network
      Khan Dish Network says

      if Your Server Has been Expired You Will Need to Recharge again. if its Not Expire Yet then Change Your Software.

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